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December San Francisco girls of Leather update

Happy holidays from the SFgoL!

I’m happy to announce that the SFgoL have been accepted as a member group of the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance! We are looking forward to the connections this brings and the expanded opportunities it represents for us.

We want to extend an enormous amount of gratitude to the (sadly) dissolved San Francisco boys of Leather. The SFboL donated their remaining assets to us! This was a large donation and makes quite a difference for us in the forming of our club. We are very touched; it is such a sweet gesture and a heartwarming welcome to the community.I’m pleased to report that we had many successful events this month!

We co-hosted the Beer Bust for Mama’s Toys at the SF Eagle Tavern with the SF Leather Daddy’s boys. Together we collected 12 huge garbage bags full of toys and over $1,800 for Sunburst Projects!  Special thanks to boy Adam, Daddy David, Daddy Vick, DJ Mora, Daddy Tony, and boy Mikey for their volunteer efforts in addition to many of our girls.

We had an SFgoL photo shoot in Dolores Park, with the amazing photographer Jules of Queer Lens Photography ( Please stay tuned for images! It was so much fun.Five of our girls volunteered at the ACLC Santa Slave Auction. Three of us were even auctioned off! Thanks to Trinity for her awesome coordinating efforts.

With thanks to Ms. Cat, we had the wonderful opportunity to sell our supporter merchandise at Eclipse. ( had 13 girls working the Leather Alliance Holiday Party! If you haven’t checked out Rich’s photos of the event, I would highly suggest it. We’ve got some cute girls! And SFgoL underwear! ( Special thanks to the Leather Alliance for asking me to give the welcoming announcement for the opening of the party as the President of the newest member club.

I want to extend thanks to the Exiles’ for printing our updates in the Exiles’ Fringe.

Special thanks to Mr. S Leather who let us meet in their back production room this month. We very much appreciated the smell of leather!

You can look for us at the following upcoming events… we’re helping with the December 12th Exiles’ Orientation and the Exiles’ Carnal Carnival on Dec 17th.

January will bring the first SFgoL sleepover. It’s for girl’s only and will include pajamas and pillow fights!

We’re still working out the details, but we are planning on having a presence at both IMsL and LLW.

We are hoping to have a couple of our own fundraisers in the new year. Please keep an eye out for details as we solidify them.

If you would like to become a Supporting Member of the SFgoL, please contact me for details.

And last– very special thanks to all community members who have approached me to praise our club or offered help in so many ways. I’m so proud of what we have done already and I’m so excited to see what we will be able to do in the future.

Yours in Leather,

Leland Carina
President SFgoL

November SFgoL update

The San Francisco girls of Leather have been busy for another month!

We volunteered for the October 17th Leather Alliance beer bust at the Eagle. Check us out in the Bay Times!

We also had another social outing to Gay Skate Underwear Night in Redwood City. We will be repeating this in January– all are welcome to join!

Much of the work we have been doing this month is behind the scenes. We are working on paperwork for a grant application, filing papers to become a 501(c)(3), and opening a club bank account. Big thanks to Kate, Rose, and Ava for their work on these things.

We officially voted in our first 13 Full Members! We also have around 70 Associate Members, many of whom are working toward Full Membership. Thank you to Pink for her work on coordinating memberships.

We have already gotten quite a list of people who are interested in being supporting members! Much gratitude to them all. If you are interested in becoming a supporting member, please contact me for more info at

I want to extend special thanks to Dahn Van Laarz, President of the Leather Alliance, for stopping by our November meeting to give us a presentation on the Alliance and to answer our questions. We are looking forward to finding out if we will be accepted as a member club.

Lance Holman — Mr. SF Leather 2010 and First Runner Up for International Mr. Leather 2010– was so gracious as to allow me to photograph him wearing an “I heart SFgoL” t-shirt. If you haven’t seen it yet, please check it out at So hot! We would love to get photos of more community members showing their support this way!

We also have new merchandise. At you can now purchase black “I heart SFgoL” t-shirts. We know how black goes so well with your leather!

Our upcoming events include The Nov 14th Beer Bust for Mama’s Toys at the Eagle. We are co-sponsoring this event with the San Francisco Leather Daddies boys. You can see me on stage MCing with boy Adam and many of our girls working the event. Special thanks to Daddy David, Daddy Tony, boy Mikey, DJ Mora, and Daddy Vick for volunteering to help with this event.

We are also excited to be volunteering at the Dec 4th ACLC Santa’s Slave Auction.

I’m so proud to say that we have 12 girls signed up to volunteer at the Annual Leather Alliance Volunteer Appreciation Holiday Party on December 5th.

Every time I write an update about our club my heart swells. Thank you girls! And huge thanks to the Leather Community for the ongoing incredible support!

President SFgoL

Beer Bust for Mama's Toys - November 14th at the Eagle

Check us out!

date: Thursday, November 11, 2010
time: 07:30 PM to 10:00 PM
where: Femina Potens
address: 2199 Market St, San Francisco, CA  map
cost: $0
dress code: girl it up!

We are meeting in the same place two meetings in a row! ;)

Please send me an email one week prior to the meeting with items to be included in the agenda.

We will be voting in Full Members! If you believe yourself to be eligible, please email Pink ( to apply.

This can be as easy as saying “I believe I am eligible to become a Full Member.” Per our bylaws, the qualifications are as follows: must have attended 2 of the last 4 meetings and continue to maintain this level of attendance, must have attended 1 event other than a meeting, must attend two more events with the first year of your membership. Annual dues are $30– payable anytime within the first 60 days of membership to our Treasurer ScorpioRose. Please keep in mind that in case of hardship, the Steering Committee will make exceptions.

Also keep in mind– if you would like to be involved with the SFgoL but can’t commit to the above, you can still do so as an Associate Member.

Can’t wait! We have SO many good things coming up!

President SFgoL

It is with great pleasure that I write my first official message as the President of the San Francisco girls of Leather. Every month I will write an update so that girls and supporters may all be apprised as to what the SFgoL are up to.

I’d like to start by saying that at every step the SFgoL have exceeded my expectations! Here we are 5 months in with elected officers and bylaws!

I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who helped with the creation of the bylaws. This includes SFgoL committee members and outside supporting community members. Specifically– a very special thanks to Kate– her and I spent 12 hours together working out all the details. Also, Sister Titiana of The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and Daddy Vick who both provided very copious notes and suggestions.

Enormous thanks to all of the girls who stepped up to commit to a year of service for the SFgoL. Here is our official Steering Committee:

President- Leland
Vice President- Kate
Secretary- Katie
Treasurer- Rose
Sergeant at Arms- Pink
Steering Committee member- Sailor
Steering Committee member- Zed

I’d also like to report that this last month we had many successful outings!

We volunteered at Folsom’s Venus’ Playground. We had girls on DM shifts, set up, and break down.

We attended Ms. SF Leather en masse. It was amazing to see so many girls in pink, red, black, and white and to hear the cheers as our colors were displayed. I had the great honor of carrying the Leather girl flag as part of the Color Guard. Thank you to Liza and Jody for inviting us to do that!

We had a social outing to Gay Skate Night in Redwood City! Very fun and certainly something we would like to repeat.

We also really enjoyed helping with the Exiles’ Orientation. It was so much fun to help to introduce new people to the organization and to BDSM in general.

I am excited to announce that with a unanimous vote of voting members present, we decided to apply to become a member group of the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance. We enjoyed staffing their food table at the October 17th beer bust at the Eagle Tavern. You will also see us volunteering at the SFBALA Holiday Party on December 5th.

I’m very excited about the Beer Bust for Mama’s Toys on November 14th! For the last couple of years this event has been coordinated by the San Francisco Leather Daddy’s boys. This year we are working with them and it will be co-hosted by the SFgoL! I will be co-MCing with the current SF Daddy’s Leather boy Adam and many SFgoL are taking on volunteer shifts. Please come– remember to bring new unwrapped toys for children of any age.

You can also look for us during ladies’ night at Bondage a Go Go. We’ve heard reports that our postcards can’t be kept in stock there– so we will be visiting in person for recruiting efforts. Thanks to Stephanos for encouraging us.

If you heart the SFgoL– now you can show it! ( A small amount of the price of each item goes to benefit our club.

You can also show your support by becoming a Supporting Member. Please contact me for details. Our Supporting Members already include: Stephanos, Chey, Pony, and Jim.

So many good things and so much amazing support from the community! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Yours in Leather girl service,
President SFgoL

Our next SF goL meeting is on October 14th, 2010.

7:30pm – 10pm
Femina Potens
2199 Market St, San Francisco, Ca (near Church)

You can also see us for the Folsom Street Fair at Venus’ Playground. We’ll be helping with the booth!

For those of you that haven’t been able to make the meetings, or for those of you who are supporters and would like to know what we’re up to… here is an update!

The SF girls of Leather have been meeting now for four months! We have 103 members in our FetLife group. That number includes some supporters and long distance members, but it is mostly local Leather girls!

We’ve received amazing support from the community. So many group leaders and other individuals have reached out to offer guidance and words of encouragement! Thank you!

We had our first service outing– the girls helped with the St James Infirmary booth at Dore Alley. It was so sweet to hear the report– for at least a couple of the girls it was their first experience at a large scale public Leather event!

I was invited to attend the Bay Area Leather Alliance meetings, to see if the SF girls of Leather might eventually be able to become a contributing member group. We’re very excited about this possibility and more girls will be joining me so we can learn more about the organization and how we can be of service.

We’ve been able to promote the SF girls of Leather at quite a few events. Pink attended the Master/slave conference in Washington D.C. and presented information about us. She also had a long conversation with Vi Johnson who ended up collecting our postcard for the library that she is caretaker of!

I attended Leather Levi Weekend and was able to present information about us during the cocktail party. I also got to present our club colors for the first time during the run show.

I was also very grateful to Daddy David, who invited me to join him on stage at the SF Daddy’s boy contest. It was fun to help with the raffle, and I also got to mention our group. Good connections with some local boys came out of that. I’m hoping that the SF boys of Leather will soon be reinstated!

Much thanks to the Big Pink House, the Citadel, and Wicked Grounds. All three places have been excellent hosts to our meetings.

We’re excited to count Mollena (International Ms Leather) and Trinity (Ms Alameda County Leather Corps) as members!

I hope I’m not leaving anything important out. We’ve been so busy and it’s been so amazing! I’m so proud of the girls as I watch our group get off the ground. I can’t wait to see what is to come.

On that note– look for us at Folsom Street Fair. We will be helping with the Venus Playground booth!

In Leather Solidarity,


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