San Francisco girls of Leather (SFgoL) September President’s report

It’s been another great month for the SFgoL!

The end of August brought Balls to the Walls– a Leather community softball game organized by Jessie Vanciel, Daddy Ray Tilton, and Leland Carina. With major thanks for funding by the Leather Alliance and Shawn Kinnear, the event was a success with close to 40 attendees! Queen Cougar called out the sunshine with her beautiful rendition of the National Anthem and Daddy Vick kept everyone fed with pizza. Arnell and ava won MVP’s for their high-spirited participation. Kate took some hot photos of the fun antics, including spanking at bases!

Our member Summer has been hosting a pre-meeting meet up for a few months now. This is quickly becoming a tradition and provides a great place for new girls to meet some members of the group more informally than at the monthly meeting.

We had our fourth official SFgoL slumber party! This time we were fortunate to be able to hold it at the Center for Sex and Culture. It proved a great venue, thank you to Kate for securing it for us. The staff was so friendly and accommodating; they set up a huge pile of dog beds for us to cuddle on. We watched 70’s cartoon porn, played games, and ate way too many cupcakes. Epic!

Directly following the slumber party a group of our girls went to serve lunch at Glide Church soup kitchen. Thanks to our member Jess for organizing this. We will be working with Glide again in the future, as the girls had a very good time.

The Alan Spafford Progressive Dinner was very well attended by our girls with about 10 of us showing up! We had an excellent time visiting all the businesses and socializing with people from other clubs and the greater community.

If you haven’t seen it yet, please check out the article about our club in the BAR! We had such fun hanging out with Scott Brogan for the interview! Here’s the link:

We also walked in Mama’s Leather Walk! There’s a photo in the BAR (thanks to Scott Brogan again!) of us holding the girl colors high and proud, here’s the link:

Folsom Weekend, the SFgoL hosted a discussion and play demos for Mission Control’s party called Velvet, with thanks to Kate for organizing. We were also a sponsor of Venus’ Playground (VP) at Folsom Street Fair. We volunteered for a number of shifts. Our member Sailor has been working with VP for some time and we thank her for coordinating this.

SFgoL is so excited to have officer elections coming up in October! It marks the one year anniversary of when we voted in our official bylaws!

Much love,
Leland Carina
President SFgoL