For those of you that haven’t been able to make the meetings, or for those of you who are supporters and would like to know what we’re up to… here is an update!

The SF girls of Leather have been meeting now for four months! We have 103 members in our FetLife group. That number includes some supporters and long distance members, but it is mostly local Leather girls!

We’ve received amazing support from the community. So many group leaders and other individuals have reached out to offer guidance and words of encouragement! Thank you!

We had our first service outing– the girls helped with the St James Infirmary booth at Dore Alley. It was so sweet to hear the report– for at least a couple of the girls it was their first experience at a large scale public Leather event!

I was invited to attend the Bay Area Leather Alliance meetings, to see if the SF girls of Leather might eventually be able to become a contributing member group. We’re very excited about this possibility and more girls will be joining me so we can learn more about the organization and how we can be of service.

We’ve been able to promote the SF girls of Leather at quite a few events. Pink attended the Master/slave conference in Washington D.C. and presented information about us. She also had a long conversation with Vi Johnson who ended up collecting our postcard for the library that she is caretaker of!

I attended Leather Levi Weekend and was able to present information about us during the cocktail party. I also got to present our club colors for the first time during the run show.

I was also very grateful to Daddy David, who invited me to join him on stage at the SF Daddy’s boy contest. It was fun to help with the raffle, and I also got to mention our group. Good connections with some local boys came out of that. I’m hoping that the SF boys of Leather will soon be reinstated!

Much thanks to the Big Pink House, the Citadel, and Wicked Grounds. All three places have been excellent hosts to our meetings.

We’re excited to count Mollena (International Ms Leather) and Trinity (Ms Alameda County Leather Corps) as members!

I hope I’m not leaving anything important out. We’ve been so busy and it’s been so amazing! I’m so proud of the girls as I watch our group get off the ground. I can’t wait to see what is to come.

On that note– look for us at Folsom Street Fair. We will be helping with the Venus Playground booth!

In Leather Solidarity,

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